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about us

Welcome to sugar!

About Sugar

Melissa is a client and friend and it’s my great pleasure to have her on our team. She has joined our family as the wizard behind the curtain, keeping the business running smoothly so we can focus on delivering you all great hair. Melissa is voice on the phone when you call, she is the sweet smile when you’re here. Let me brag a bit… she makes the lives she touches better.

As for me, I’m Angela. The driving force that pushes us forward in this competitive industry. I’m best known for putting together livable styles and illuminating colors for my clients. Hair is a puzzle, and I’m great at putting the pieces together!

At sugar we make every effort to bring out the best in each client. We collaborate, we formulate, and we educate together to bring all of you the very best. Stylish, livable, loving it hair, that’s what we do.

Call, text, or email us, we’d love to see if we are a good fit for you.

We look forward to meeting you!


Angela Zweifel
Owner/Master Stylist

Melissa Wadsworth
COO/Client Experience